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), so as you can imagine, this fake double date is going to be awkward with a capital A. Yeah, that's clearly not going to end well, but we can't wait to see how Gabi and Cooper's secret affair gets exposed!

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Moreover, Tipu Sultan provoked British invasion in the form of Third Anglo-Mysore War by attacking the Kingdom of Travancore.By the treaty of Seringapatam (1792), Tipu ceded half of his territories including Malabar to the English East India Company and their allies and paid 33 million of rupees as indemnity.They set sail July 8, 1497, rounded the Cape of Good Hope four months later, and reached Calicut May 20, 1498.

It was my interest in dance and theatre which led me to do a degree in it at the Kaladi Sree Sankaracharya College. I came into the limelight after becoming the winner of reality show 'Best Actor' in Amritha TV.

On Tuesday (November 7) we returned to the land, which we found to be low, with a broad bay opening into it. It comes from the interior (sertao), is about a stone's throw across at the mouth, and from two to three fathoms in depth at all states of the tide. Their food is confined to the flesh of seals, whales and gazelles, and the roots of herbs.

The captain-major [i.e., da Gama speaking in the third person] sent Pero d'Alenquer in a boat to take soundings and to search for good anchoring ground. They are dressed in skins, and wear sheaths over their virile members.

The performances I did and the friendships I formed helped me make my entry into the big screen where I did supporting roles.

However, though I had acted in more than 30 films, it was the character of Pathu in Getting into the skin of Pathu...