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After facing the widespread ridicule for his apparent taste for sexualized anime, Eichenwald opened up a new tab, typed in, and sent out a few posts in an attempt to explain himself.

According to Eichenwald, he and his kids were simply trying to prove to his wife the existence of “tentacle porn,” which is form of erotic entertainment that consists of tentacled creatures having sexual intercourse with humans: reporter has previously run into trouble for his handling of pornography.

editor Kurt Eichenwald found himself in some hot water Wednesday night, after tweeting out a photo of his laptop screen in which he forgot to close a salacious tab on his web browser.

So, does our resident oyajicon drool with delight over this dilf-tastic dating game, or is this highly anticipated VN a dreadful dadsaster?

LOVE HINA SECRET POINTS -Your own room, painting above cupboard -Your own room, TV -Kitchen, microwave oven -Kitchen, trash bin -Shinobu’s Room, paper under plant -Shinobu’s Room, paper under plant (click twice!

There is very graphic content, so be aware if you do plan on reading.) ____________________________________________________________ Cell's P. V I have been living with the human girl for awhile. His son was about to kill me, when -out of absolutely no where- she comes in and says no to the whole parade. Right now, I am sitting in (Y/n)'s room, tidying up some of the things in her room. Always wearing sweatpants and baggy sweaters and/or sweatshirts. One is listed as Google Images, and the other is cut off. I smirk comes to my face as I feel myself getting hot, and I feel my tail twitching. I carry a bag of bread and vegetables in one hand, and a bag of fruit and eggs in the other. Cell doesn't really eat anything, but when he does, it's really only a slice of bread.

And no, get no ideas of foul play or any ideas that I show any interest in her in any way. I do this on random occasions, making her have to sit out in the living room. Idea after idea flows through my head as I stare at the screen, then to the door, just waiting for the human to come home...