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Paramedics found her blue and not breathing on the sofa.A post-mortem examination revealed she had bruising to her upper arms, legs and buttocks.

The interventions are often practiced or prepared ahead of the time the addict(s) walks in.He tells these stories as we drive along the orderly streets of Plano—a city that looks remarkably like anyplace else except that its sidewalks are a little cleaner, its cars newer, its lawns more carefully tended—accentuating what he already knows too well: This wasn’t supposed to happen here.Plano is one of Texas’ most affluent communities (median income: ,000) and one of the safest cities in the nation (number ten, according to magazine’s 1997 rankings).Rytting suffered from schizophrenia and has 42 previous convictions – yet social workers knew nothing about his contact with Poppy until after she died.Police found more than 1,000 tablets of controlled – or illegal – drugs when they raided the property, used by Rytting as a base to buy and sell drugs.By the time she was 18, the same kids who once talked about the thrill of smoking pot were now praising the joys of "oxys," not to mention "vikes" and "perc-30s," the street names for Vicodin and the pale-blue 30-milligram tablets of oxycodone.