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Despite its small size Sri Lanka boasts of one of the highest rates of biological endemism in the world whether in plants or animals and is included among the top five biodiversity hotspots in the world.

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His seminal work, , outlined what Campbell called the Hero’s Journey, a motif of adventure and personal transformation that is used in nearly every culture’s mythical framework.George Lucas was an avid admirer of Campbell’s writings, and used them as a direct reference in his creation of Part 1 We look to the stars and wonder.

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The first time she was told she didn't look sexy enough, the second time she was told she looked too sexy, and the third time she was offered the part.8.So many of us are battling so hard just to get people notice us but she hardly needs to lift a finger.Perhaps it's her super sense and ability to make a nice hairstyle. Why is it that Taylor Swift can get so many boyfriends? Is it her personality or aura or achievement or her good looks. Not only is Taylor Swift famous for her record-breaking albums and hit songs, she's also famous for her plethora of high-profile relationships. So far, Taylor is yet to land her happily ever after, but she does not cower from lashing out at her ex-boyfriends with her songs.Light from infinite directions and distances meets our gaze.