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Gift Aid on donations If you donate to a charity through Gift Aid, the charity can claim extra money from the government in the form of basic rate tax.This means they’re treated as though they were made in the previous tax year.Although called the ‘renewals process’ not everyone wants to or needs to renew their claim.However, you still need to complete any forms sent to you as the process is also used to finalise the claim for the tax year that has just finished.This is useful for “donations” that actually gave you something in return, such as annual membership of the National Trust, English Heritage or London Zoo, all of which are charities.Museums, art galleries and other cultural attractions may also qualify. You also need to be a higher-rate taxpayer to claim.But far fewer people realise how the system works in practice, meaning that they risk unknowingly forfeiting this tax relief and getting only the 20pc available to everyone.

If you give money to a charity you are allowed to reclaim income tax on the sum, so be sure to mention any donations on your tax return.

So if, for example, you have some spare cash and want to cut your tax bill, you could give the money to charity now to reduce the amount that you send to the taxman this week.

Claiming full relief on pension contributions Everyone knows that higher-rate taxpayers can claim full relief on pension contributions – one of the most generous tax breaks around and one that makes 40pc tax effectively optional for those who can afford to save large sums.

For gifts to qualify for Gift Aid, the donor must pay a total amount of income tax and/or capital gains tax at least equal to the amount of tax to be reclaimed by charities on donations in any tax year.

In simple terms, for every £25 paid in tax £100 may be donated to charity under the Gift Aid scheme.