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John Lennon famously said life is what happens while you’re making other plans.Too often, the mood in our homes is a by-product; what naturally happens while we’re busy pursuing other goals.Aside from levelling up a girl's relationship status, clearing a date also gives the player money to purchase gifts for use in the dating sim section, where the player talks to the girls to acquire "Hunie", which is then used to upgrade various traits (such as token effectiveness, lessening heartbreak penalties and increasing the score multiplier cap for Passion tokens) for use in the puzzle section.The game was developed by Ryan Koons with several artists (Kopianget, Agata Wiejak, Ninamo, Kaskia and Pinguin-Kotak), and music composed by Jonathan Wandag.

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You want everything matching, looking good & working together.

One of the highest Jewish wishes for a person is that they should have “shalom bayit,” shalom – peace – in their homes.

Shalom is an absence of strife, a state of relating to each other with respect and kindness. “Shalom” has a second meaning as well: it denotes completeness. Getting to know other people takes time, and families are no exception.

When we wish for shalom in our homes and our families, we’re asking for more than a mere cessation of arguments; we’re asking for a sense of completeness, a sense of truly knowing one another. Yet these days, time seems like the one commodity we’re low on.

With pressures from work and from school, not to mention the constant pressure of staying connected electronically, spending time together with no outside distractions can seem like an impossible goal.