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The only let-down is the realization that, despite their amazingly detailed representations, we will never be able to come face to face with a living Dougaloid.

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He is a fellow of several scientific societies, and has been awarded research prizes from the the National Academy of Sciences and the American Psychological Association, a teaching prize from MIT, and book prizes from the American Psychological Association, the Linguistics Society of America and the Los Angeles Times.But Dougal Dixon knows exactly what he is doing and gives such conviction to his creatures that it is sometimes hard to convince oneself that, somewhere, at some time or other, they have not really existed - and perhaps even exist today, if only we could be lucky enough to discover them.With each turn of the page I am excited to find what new form will greet my eyes, and I am rarely disappointed.Such stories, told in the Pleisto¬cene dark, kept the bogeyman away. First speculations regarding the stars represented a revolution in thought.Speculations about the future, such as this book, mark another revolution. Yet today no man can call himself cultured who does not occasionally look beyond his own lifetime and his children’s, if only to worry about where the cancerous growth of world popula¬tion is going.First published in the United States by Salem House Publishers, 1988, 462 Boston Street, Topsfield, MA 01983. As a zoologist I nearly always find myself disappointed by other peoples imaginary animals.