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Today’s improvements mainly concern quality of life: prostheses, mental health care, and medication with fewer side effects.And odds are, it will take you less than an hour this week to make sure your clothes look and smell somewhat acceptable. This is what housewives had to put up with until well into the 1930s: Household appliances such as the washing machine truly revolutionized daily life.“In 1900 the average [American] household spent 58 hours a week on housework – meal preparation, laundry and cleaning,” writes held a survey among its readers asking them which inventions had led to the greatest medical advances.Chondrocytes are isolated from knee or hip joints of a single donor, cultured until passage 1 and then cryopreserved.Post-thaw viable cells are tested for proliferation and their ability to redifferentiate into chondrocytes after being expanded (tested in micropellet culture for glycosaminoglycans release by Alcian Blue staining). And we’re going to have to adapt faster than ever too, just to keep up. Gordon argues, but in a period of technological stagnation. They’re not likely to be terribly stained and probably don’t smell like fermented sweat.