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The Bible is both a religious and historical work, but how much is myth and how much is history? Where do the people of Israel originally come from?
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Fin Dating provides excellent VIP networking opportunities and prospects to raise awareness, providing a way to reach new clients, with a touch of smart-casual in the heart of Switzerland.

Scegliere DIAMAN significa affidarsi ad un partner su cui contare in grado di migliorare i processi di investimento, che permette di accrescere le proprie conoscenze finanziarie attraverso formazione e trasferimento di know how, oltre a ottenere risultati reali migliori.

Last week we saw some regulatory shifts take place within the Forex landscape as well as further developments in different jurisdictions.

Ukraine was busy developing its own FX trading statutes while Russia is set to beef up it’s SRO regime before its country wide Forex laws go into being.

Last week we also saw Australia’s ASIC put an end to Interactive Brokers FX services within the country, for now…