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Gc 974.102 N46c 1770857 REYNOLDS HISTORICAL GENEALOGY COLLECTt ON / THE HISTORY OF mi W! Vvynw M OF thk Maim: Ilisrourc AL Sucikty, and 3Ir. These facts and anecdotes which I claim to be new, and this Genealogy which I am sure no other living man would have undertaken, have been gathered up and saved in this manner. lirilish troops were (juartcr' «1 upon the Colonies, ;ind tho pcojih^ wei'o cnlh Hl upon t'» support them. Her(t is a prescription for a sick jierson ; and if nny (Uie •'•■iij at this day be benehted by if, they shall be welcoii K' ^" thi.s insertion. Camj)bell and David Hopkins were appointed a committ.--- to lay out a road from Sherpscot river, near Henry Hoilu''"", Abircli 1-1. '.- niittee a])pi)inlt.'d at this meeting to lay out a r.-;'-! from the county ro;id near Danuiriscol ta Alills rnmi-l Vaughan'.^ Pond and up the Western side of it to North ti, 1771. A committee was appointed to alter tilt' road around tlie Ijcdge of Ivocks. Septend)er 2'2, a commii U-e was raised to lay out a road, from the town road near lscn a committee to assess danniges for the pid'lic landing place a]id road thaf were laid out tht^ last yeai- at the Head of the Tide. Vnd lii)ei t\ was also granted the ndiahitants residing there, to huild a hridge at said land- 1':'^' ])lac(% aci'oss the Slieepseot I'iver, at their own e\pencri 1 h -d Pn proi Mi--'' ■•■nd Ingage our Selves to work on huilding a Ihidge over Shcj pscot l(iv(U- at 'J'he giate lh)c k i)V y*" tui ii of y*" Ki\er, hy ij«aijamin Stiekneys Jjot, wln-ar ( 'ommit tf\ 198 VARIOCS MATTEHS. He said "'lie was not allowed to think at home; but lie could go over to Dyer's Neck, and there he could think as he pleased." ])ut Ca})t. "), sub- scribed, with his own hand, the following writing, 'T., the subseril H'r. ^i' lu ral Sullivan being informed of it St^d a tile of Men ■Oiil tuok Said Goldwaith into Gustiuly and his j M)at and I'iteh. aith Seid to the ^'ommittee for 'i'ryal, and tlu^ pitch to be tidcen out of tlu^.
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If Paul wrote these letters, then he must have been released from his first Roman imprisonment and have traveled in the West.